Given the band name, this is long overdue...

Cold Irons Bound have covered Bob Dylan’s “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine.”

Their arrangement hangs around a three part harmony that appeals to the song’s ghostly lament.

A staple of CIB’s current live set these days, “St A” is a canny interpretation of an Americana deep cut, cooked up in Melbourne’s inner North...

Recorded & Mixed by Cold Irons Bound at Shovel Studios | Melbourne. Mastered by Rohan Sforcina at Headgap | Melbourne


Cold Irons Bound is a Melbourne four-piece influenced by a mix of classic Indie (The Church, R.E.M., The Replacements, Teenage Fanclub) and Americana (Dylan, Young, Petty, The Jayhawks). 

Although the open tunings and earthy sensibility of the debut album are still in their DNA, the band have rediscovered their love of twelve string chime. With the keys of Joe Cope (Big Smoke, The Hello Morning) added to the mix, the ambition of the songwriting and arrangements is deftly realised in this sophomore record. 

Purposeful jams, room to breathe, and an aura of tuneful confidence are the result. The rockers do just that while the longer tracks go someplace new and aren’t afraid to look around when they get there. 

"The Australian Jayhawks"   Off The Tracks

"A Band At The Top Of Their Game"   Thirty Summers

Mark Adams: Guitars, vocals 
Ben Carter: Guitars, vocals 
Sam Fiddian: Bass, backing vocals 
James Alderman: Drums 

With Joe Cope: Keys 

Recording and mixing: Rohan Sforcina | Four Hundred Acres Recording Studio | Melbourne 
Mastering: Joe Carra | Crystal Mastering | Melbourne